PLS organizes a community consultation session to assess the environmental impact of it's project

The Petrochemicals Logistics Services Company (PLS)in an Alexandria hotel, morning of22-01-2020, under the patronage of Engineer Tariq Al Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and Major General Mohamed Al Sharif, Governor of Alexandria, organized a hearing and community consultation to present the environmental and societal aspects and environmental impact assessment studies for the project of the sea bridge and the pier in the El-Max area, which is the project Who enjoys the support and follow-up of chemist Saad Helal, President of the Egyptian Petrochemical Holding Company.

The chemical consultation session was attended by Saad Hilal, Chairman of the Holding Company for Petrochemicals, chemist Abdul Majeed Hegazy, President of Ethedco and Engineer Emad Abdel Razzaq, President of Petrosif Company, chemist Medhat Bahgat, President of Alexandria Petroleum Company, President of Sidec, Dr. Muhammad Abdulaziz, President of the Egyptian Petrochemical Company, a number of parliament representatives, representatives of the Environmental Affairs Agency, and Dr. Hussam Maghazi, the former Minister of God

Also, a number of heads of companies operating in the field of petroleum and petrochemicals participated in the session, a number of members of the House of Representatives in Alexandria Governorate, representatives of the Environmental Affairs Agency, in addition to representatives of all groups of the local community, experts and specialists in environmental affairs, and a wide participation of the employees of Itidco

The session witnessed a welcome from the people participating in the economic value the project represents on the road to development, stressing that Ethedco and all petrochemical companies spare no effort in providing all possible forms of support to the people of the region and taking into account their interests.

They emphasized that the company's keenness to listen to their opinions and obtain their approval to start implementing the project is a form of dealing that is based on respect and participation.

During the community consultation session, the various stages of the project were reviewed, the study on environmental impact assessment was reviewed, and it included an overview of the project and its importance, a review of the environmental influences and aspects of the project and their impact on the surrounding community, and the attendees were briefed on the company's plan to control those influences and the relationship between the project stages and the elements of the environment surrounding the project site And procedures and means to prevent and reduce negative effects and clarify ways to perform environmental improvement during those stages and to achieve and increase the positive impact of the project on the environment in accordance with all environmental standards, requirements and laws in force.

For his part, the chemist Abdul Majeed Hegazy, President of ETHEDCO, indicated that the company is keen to adopt the concept of cleaner production in order to achieve an optimal balance between the requirements of development and its sustainability and to apply everything that leads to this in all stages of the project, whether in design, implementation, operation and management. Hegazy said that a specialized team is distinguished by wide experience He prepared evaluation studies in all their aspects, and we were keen to include the opinions of the various stakeholders as part of a comprehensive process for making

the decision He added that we were keen to listen to the opinions of the most important partners, who are our people in the community surrounding the project, and to introduce them to all the details, especially since Aethedco has its local and international reputation in the field of preserving the environment and has won many awards in this field. The petrochemical logistics services project, which is being implemented in cooperation between the Petrochemical Holding Company and ITHEDCO SEDPC, represents the infrastructure needed to meet the requirements of the Alexandria petrochemical industry and create an outlet for this vital industry on the port and meet the needs

During the community consultation session, the various stages of the project were reviewed, the study on environmental impact assessment was reviewed

Her future. The project is located between the port of Dekheila and the port of Alexandria in the El-Max area on an area of ​​240,000 square meters, by establishing a group of warehouses and linking them to the sea with shipping and unloading facilities for ships in the port and Land to the petrochemical industry complex in the Nahda area in Alexandria. The project includes the construction of a number of warehouses in addition to the marine connection facilities, including the construction of a loading berth of 1 km length and pipelines of 5 km in addition to the land connection line for ethane with an estimated length of 20 km from the company to the Ithidco and Sedbec companies complex and a 3 km land connection line for propane to the nearest meeting point with the line Propane of the Gasco Company in Wadi El-Qamar Roa