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Chemist / Hossam Elfahmy

Chemist / Hossam Elfahmy

CEO & Chairman

Since the moment I got honored by the genuine confidence of the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources who has vested in me to take the chairmanship of petrochemicals Logistic Services Company (PLS), bear in my mind to forge ahead with carrying out the steps that has been previously taken for building a global-class organization that adopts the best work and management standards, via implementing the latest scientific systems in Logistic services industries, in favor of achieving the goals of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, by imposing the utmost exploitation of the sector companies’ available assets and turning Egypt into a regional hub for handling and trading energy, build on a set of pillars, which are based upon both, a proper foundation and global best practices within this field, focusing on achieving sustainable growth.

In that regard, we harness our entire potential in pursuit of supporting and developing our human resources of all categories, which is considered to be our organization’s main capital. Depending on managing competencies for establishing a competitive advantage, by ensuring our full commitment towards our customers, shareholders and the communities that we serve to create and provide an added value with the highest safety and quality standards, as well as granting environmental protection, transparency and integrity.

We shall spare no effort to achieve a pioneering national model for sustainable development and continuous evolution, in order to fulfill the Egyptian Petroleum Sector’s unified vision to thoroughly bear a hand with sustainable development for the benefit of our beloved country.

Long live Egypt ……… Long live Egypt ……… Long live Egypt

Chemist/ Hossam Mohamed El Fahmy
Chairman & CEO