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SAFETY is the driving force behind our SUCCESS.. We OBSERVE more and STRESS less

PLS realizes quite well the paramount role of occupational health, safety and good working environment that we put forth all of our concerted effort to make safety and reliability our priority. Thus, our adherence to Occupational health, Safety and Environment Policy is stipulated as follows:

• We learn through the challenges we constantly face and explore new approaches.
• We offer our employees a flexible, stress-free work environment.
• We highly depend on safety observations by recording, reporting and analyzing.
• We improve our design, technology, and processes by focusing on promoting engineering and control systems that mitigate hazards.
• We enhance compliance, capability, and performance in order to ensure our customers’ and employees’ safety by securing the environment they work in.
• We strive to prevent the occurrence of all kinds of Incidents, injuries, and occupational diseases that might affect our employees, contractors, visitors and generally the members of the society.
• We duly conserve natural resources and maintain sustainability.
• We Consider Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) aspects as being essential and core- values rather than being just priorities.
• We execute the applicable Egyptian laws and regulations, international standards and the best relevant practices in the HSE field.
• We design equipment, undergo preparations, create operating systems and intact work methodologies.
• We Provide specialized and convenient Occupational Health, Safety and Environment trainings to the employees and the contractors thereof.
• We Utilize the best available engineering techniques and environmental practices, while continuously striving to reduce emissions and waste as well as improving ways of the optimal exploitations of energy, while preserving natural resources.
• We abide by high safety rules to control safety, health and environmental risk as well as being fully complied and responsible at all levels within the entire Organization.
• We engage all workers and their representatives that are involved in the decision-making processes in the occupational health and safety management system to have the necessary power to stop any work that is to be considered unsafe or against occupational safety and health policy and procedures.
• We manipulate any noticed deficiency regarding the aspect of HSE and intend to cover any arisen hiatus during auditing, inspection, incidents investigations. In that case, we held urgent safety meetings on the spot.
• We the competency of HSE performance, relying on the precedent annually settled goals.
• We always know how the company regularly review and amend the political aspects to assure convenience.


We turn trash into treasure… We Green our business at our pleasure

Greening our business offers efficiency, workplace improvement and environmental sustainability. In that regard, PLS has a long-standing commitment to research, engineering and technology innovation along with focusing on Contractors that can help the project achieve sustainability. Such process also conveys a crystal clear message to the industry that virtually expose how sustainability is way too important for us, especially to the Government and public sectors. We think green at PLS by: - using low-emitting materials (Adhesives, Sealants, Paints, Coatings, etc.).
- Rainwater Management.
- Less light consumption by 75 %.
- Construction & demolition waste management planning.
- Minimizing material and resources impact by using green products.
- Generating less waste.