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Handling & Storage

Handling and Storage are going to be our primary services in the first phase of the project; we are going to handle and store different type of petrochemical goods :
Naphtha benzene (95)
Solar ( Euro-V)
Paraffin Wax
Linear Alkyl Benzene – LAB
LPG (Potgas ) – import
Propane ( Gasco)
For our customers and stakeholders by using the pipelines between the tanks of each one.
So we can improve the production of our customers, stakeholders.
The project is part of the vision of Egyptian Ministry Of Petroleum.


Plus the Policy, The following can be added: Quality Objectives

- Pls as interrelated systems that may affect by and/or effect each other directly and/or indirectly.
- Tracing and root cause analysis of the possible failures to decrease deviation
from the achieving the objective before it occurs.
- Prevention of failures / zero defects
- High effectiveness & high efficiency to achieve high performance
- Continuous improvement
In order to achieve the quality concept through the plan of any process the organization
shall standardize through applying procedure, work instructions, rules, duties, responsibilities …etc.